… drummer Daniël drums since he was only 7 years old and he could play double bass sooner then he could ride a bike?

… Daniël only just turned 15 years old when he recorded the drum parts for the album “Violence & Grace”?

… Daniël highest double bass speed that was recorded on the album Violence & Grace is 252 BPM (in the song “Infradead”)?

… Daniël first broke an arm during the recording period, forcing the band to wait for him to heal and then two days after the final drum recordings also broke his leg?

… Dolf is the father of Daniel and they spend most of their time together playing metal or pumping iron?

… Dolf used to play in metal bands like Exploder, Spartacus, D-Grade and Silence End?

… Dolf often watches movies with his eyes closed to fully enjoy the music soundtracks?

… OR NOT has already composed all the new material to record the second full length album?

… OR NOT’s Producer Hans Pieters produced around 200 well-known metal and rock albums (e.g. After Forever, Gorefest, Elegy & Epica), but had his biggest hit with the Dutch sing-along-song “Het is lente in de ogen van de tandartsassistente”?

… OR NOT’s orchestrator Carsten Altena is one of the core members of the notorious metal band The Monolith Deathcult?

… OR NOT’s Mastering Engineer Peter van ‘t Riet of Finetune Mastering was also responsible for mastering albums of for example Dream Theater, Symphony-X, Ayreon, DragonForce, Treshold and Epica?

… the gang vocals on the album Violence & Grace were done by eight different singers of bands like Non-Divine, D-Grade, Exploder, Epistulum, Deliberate Jeopardization, My Own Army and Too Different?

… it took only 29 minutes before Henk van Delden of No Dust Records reacted with “Let’s talk!” after OR NOT send out their introduction mail to the records companies?Since then it has been love on first sight/hear with both parties working their ass off to develop a massive launch campaign for the album “Violence & Grace”.

… OR NOT’s first music video “Violence & Grace” already reached 100.000 views on YouTube in the first week after release? And still counting…

… OR NOT’s second music video “ The War Inside My Head” even reached 200.000 views on YouTube in the first week after release? And also still counting …

… OR NOT’s third music video “Hit The Ceiling” exceeded 350.000 views on YouTube in the second week after release with 11.000 likes? And .. also … still … counting …