Violence & Grace

The long awaited double album with 90 minutes of ruthless Epic Thrash Metal, combining the raw energy of old school thrash with epic orchestration and a super tight massive sound. Brace for impact!

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“Right from the title track, the energy and joy of playing erupts from the speakers. Intriguing riffs, screaming leads and fast guitar licks are flying around your ears. An amazing musical adventure with a great sound. Score: 82 out of 100.”


“Very beautiful. I can’t recall much music that has been developed with so much love and attention, with so many layers and details. Truly a piece of art!”

“Woooooww so cool!!! Sounds really good! Some pieces sound like movie soundtracks, beautiful!”


“What a massive production! Personally, listening to this album is like a journey through the history of metal. It feels warm and familiar on one side, but combined with the enthusiasm of surprising new discoveries”

“I think the punctuated breaks are absolutely fantastic. The drumming is also extremely tight. The whole album has a very high quality level. Super cool! This could easily have been the new Annihilator album, but then with more variation in the songs. I am loving it!”

“Van Halen once had a song called “ Best Of Both Worlds”. This also applicable here. Epic, bombastic riffing metal made and composed under one roof. Definitely a band for the future. It’s put together damn well. They directly take you in a chokehold and don’t let go. IPPON!”