Daniël Blomhert
Drums & Backing Vocals

Dolf Blomhert
Vocals, Guitars, Bass & Keyboards


OR NOT is a multi-generation metal band that plays epic thrash metal. The father-son combo combines the raw energy of old school thrash with epic orchestration and a super tight, modern sound. Thanks to the use of a wide spectrum of styles and techniques, each song becomes a mini soundtrack of a story definitely worth listening to.

The roots of the band lies in two crises. The midlife crisis of founder Dolf Blomhert and the Corona crisis that dominated the world for two years. At some point in your life, you may start to wonder what you still would like to experience or achieve. In case of male individuals, many start to work on their golf swing or buy that classic car or motorcycle they always dreamed about. This was however outside the field of interest of singer-guitarist Dolf. Other guys start a relationship with a twenty year younger female. This was already much more interesting. With his actual visual appearance, volunteering candidates where however impossible to find. Dolf his wife also didn’t agree with the concept.

There was however still another unfulfilled dream.

Some time ago, Dolf played in several metal bands. A great time with lots of fun, but hardly any money to spend. Studio time was expensive and when choices had to be made between investing in additional recording time or more booze, it seems no mystery why production quality wasn’t always at the required level



So making a full length album that really met all qualitative criteria became the mid-life project. The money otherwise spend on the car, motorcycle or a younger female was now the budget for this. And with the Corona crisis limiting many other distractions, this seemed to be a perfect time to start writing, playing and recording. Meanwhile, Dolf his son Daniel had transformed into a fierce, metal drummer. Together they wrote all the songs and played all the instruments on the double album “Violence & Grace”.


As soon as they build the basis, many other guest musicians were invited to make their creative contributions and lift the album to the highest possible level of diversity and professionalism. Finally, producer Hans Pieters brought everything down to a brutal and compact in-your-face production.

So a lot of people gave everything they got to offer you a great piece of music. And most of all: they did it with great passion! And this vibe is what everybody feels every time they listen to it. We hope you will hear it too when you listen to the OR NOT debut double album containing sixteen tracks and more than 90 minutes of metal mayhem. The album will be distributed and marketed worldwide by No Dust Records and Suburban and will be both physically available as 2CD Deluxe Mediabook as digitally available on Spotify, Apple Music, AmazonMusic, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube, Pandora, YandexMusic and SoundCloud.



OR NOT are also committed ambassadors of Energy4All, a foundation that fights the battle against mitochondrial diseases. Up to this day, children still get born with his illness, having to live with only a very limited amount of energy to get through the day. The band’s philosophy has always been about energizing people through their music. Realizing how blessed they are having so much energy every day themselves, father and son dedicate a part of this energy to improve the lives of those less fortunate.



Using their musical platform to create awareness and funding for this cause fits perfectly to this mission. Next to that, OR NOT donates a large part of their benefits to Energy4All, contributing to find a cure on short term.

Do you like to support them with that? Then please donate now on the dedicated OR NOT action page:


“The fact that we can do this whole journey of writing, recording and playing together AND to also use our energy and chemistry to help others is a dream come true for both of us” says metal dad Dolf.

On which his son Daniel adds: “Where other kids went to the zoo and museums with their father, we went to music stores, studios and concerts. We always just did what we loved and still love what we do! And how great is it to just keep doing that and also help other people this way!”  

OR NOT are:

Dolf Blomhert – Vocals & Guitars
Daniël Blomhert – Drums & Backing Vocals